28 Rivers in Assam Polluted

Manipur has 12 and Meghalaya 10 polluted rivers. Sikkim has 5, Nagaland 3 and Tripura 2 polluted rivers

Believe it or not, the waters in as many as 28 rivers in Assam are contaminated.

As per a government statistics, Assam has as many as 28 polluted rivers. And the situation is not better in other NE States too. Manipur has 12 and Meghalaya 10 polluted rivers. Sikkim has 5, Nagaland 3 and Tripura 2 polluted rivers.

 "The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) monitors water quality of 445 rivers across the country and has made long term assessment of water quality of rivers with respect to BOD, the indicator of organic pollution. As an outcome of this assessment, 302 polluted river stretches on 275 rivers have been identified," The Sentinel quoted an official of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

Primary water quality criteria are based on the concept of "Designated Best Use", according to which water bodies are classified into 5 categories, namely, drinking water source without conventional treatment but after disinfection; outdoor bathing (organised); drinking water source after conventional treatment and disinfection; propagation of wildlife and fisheries; and irrigation, industrial cooling, controlled waste disposal, based on criteria including, inter alia, total coliforms, pH, dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).

A Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) assessment has identified a total of 302 polluted river stretches on 275 rivers

The central pollution control board has also received 28 complaints pertaining to distilleries, pulp & paper, sugar, textile, dairy, slaughter-house and others during the last three years.
Burhidihing river
Image: Burhidihing river

 "We have asked the pollution control board of concerned States to look into this and take actions," said the official.

Earlier in 2015, the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) level had identified stretches of four major rivers in Assam as polluted.

According to CPCB, the stretches of river Bharalu (Guwahati to Chilarai Nagar), Deepor Beel (Deepor Beel to Guwahati), Burhidihing (Margherita to Tinsukia) and Brahmaputra (Kherghat to Dhubri) in Assam were identified as polluted.

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